Our Holiday Club is open to all children from all schools

Breakfast & After School Club is open to St Elizabeth's & Long Row Primary School Only

About Us

Kidzone recognizes the growing physical, intellectual, and social needs of children eager to explore the social world around them. They thrive on challenges, friendships, fun and responsibility. They want to make things, build things, enjoy drama, explore computers, books and construct imaginary worlds.

We will help them to pursue their interests through freedom of choice. KidZone reinforces their drive to learn by actively encouraging them to be involved with the everyday planning of their clubs activities, rules, day-trips and the buying of new equipment, giving them some responsibility and a sense of ownership.

Our Club aims to provide a happy, safe, warm and stimulating environment for all children to play, learn and develop freely. We will help the children to develop responsibility for themselves and their actions and also to become, confident, independent and co-operative individuals.

Breakfast and After-school programs offer a relaxed, cheerful and balanced program with time to eat, play and learn with friends, finish homework, but most importantly, to be happy.

The Holiday Club gives time for the children to interact, socialise and discover the world around them through regular day trips throughout the holiday period.

A wide range of activities are available to the children and include e.g. arts & crafts, team games, reading, karaoke, playstation

games, Wii dance, board games, computers (with safe internet access) and outings with the holiday club.Plus lots more!

The children will always be given the freedom of choice and will never be forced but gently encouraged to join in the activities.